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Editing standard

Reference material -The latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary

Transliteration from Indian languages:
# Based on Sanskrit, not Hindi, phonology; eg, it's "Rama" /'ra:mə/, not "Ram" /'ra:m/
# Clear distinction made between 'f' & 'ph' and 'j' & 'z'; 'v' (voiced labio-dental fricative) cannot represent the voiced labial-velar approximant, that is, wa (व), the 29th consonant in Hindi; eg, it's "Widhan Sabha" and not "Vidhan Sabha"
# apostrophe (') with a vowel denotes certain Arabic sounds, the equivalents of which are absent in English and Indian languages; eg, "A'm" (common) as against "Am" (mango)
# in a given common noun, lower cases may be interspersed with upper cases to distinguish between short and stretched/stressed vowel sounds; eg, "wiwAha" (marriage)

# headlines: initials in upper case
# government: 'g' lower case except while naming a specific government, e.g., the government, but Government of India, NDA Government, UPA Government, etc
# political philosophies and their followers: initials in lower case, e.g., democracy, communism, socialism, communist, socialist, etc
# numerals: all in figures (0 to infinity) in articles on maths and physics; single digit entries in words and the rest in figures in other kinds of literature; all numerals in figures in case of combinations, eg, write "from 7 to 11" and not "from seven to 11"
# percentage: %
# units of physical quantities: standard abbreviations according to Le Système International d'Unités
# currencies: standard symbols
# acronyms: full terms only at the first instance in a given article
# proper nouns: as spelt by the person being named; geographical entities as per their latest respective entries in the government gazette notifications; names of publications and published works italicised
# designations: initials in lower case except when mentioned with the name of the person in the office, e.g., "the president said...," but "President Barack Obama said..."; former positions in lower case, eg, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi" but "former prime minister Manmohan Singh"
# honorifics: 'Mr'/'Mrs'/'Ms' avoided; 'Dr' prefixed only to the names of medical practitioners

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